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Shared Hosting with cPanel and Premium Features

Host your WordPress, Joomla or Magento 2.0 on our Linux based servers equipped for the latest technologies like PHP 7, MySQL 5.6, Ruby On Rails, Laravel 5, FFmpeg and much more.

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Your Easy Start

Our shared web hosting plans are the quickest and most affordable way to get your website online in terms of minutes.

The Easiest Start

It takes just a few clicks to set up a new site with us, and you can rely on our experts' help to guide you through the whole process. We provide all the tools and applications you'll need to run a successful online business.

Painless FREE Transfer

Stuck with your old web host? Take advantage of our FREE professional transfer offer! Our experts will migrate all of your website files, databases, email addresses and website settings quickly and seamlessly, and free of charge.

Ultimate Scalability

As your website and business grows, we'll grow with you. Expecting traffic spikes? Not a problem – we’ll help you quickly and easily move to a suitable package to power your website project, big or small.

Web Hosting Plans designed with brains and brawn

We have complete web hosting solutions for every type of website - choose your plan today, tailored perfectly to fit your needs with plenty of room to grow:

Basic Plan

Suitable for starting projects and small websites with minimal resource usage
25GB Storage Space
20 Web Sites Allowed
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Sub-Domains
Unlimited E-mail Accounts
Unlimited MySQL Databases
Unlimited Parked Domains
Unlimited FTP accounts
From €3.25/per month
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Economy Plan

Suitable for small to medium-sized web sites with average resource usage
65GB Storage Space
45 Web Sites Allowed
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Sub-Domains
Unlimited E-mail Accounts
Unlimited MySQL Databases
Unlimited Parked Domains
Unlimited FTP accounts
From €4.95/per month
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Standard Plan

Suitable for large web sites with big resource usage
85GB Storage Space
65 Web Sites Allowed
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Sub-Domains
Unlimited E-mail Accounts
Unlimited MySQL Databases
Unlimited Parked Domains
Unlimited FTP accounts
From €6.25/per month
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Premium Plan

Suitable for very large web sites that require both extensive disk space and resources
125GB Storage Space
Unlimited Web Sites Allowed
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Sub-Domains
Unlimited E-mail Accounts
Unlimited MySQL Databases
Unlimited Parked Domains
Unlimited FTP accounts
From €12.95/per month
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Be Smarter!

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Features you are about to fall in love with:

Enhanced cPanel Control Panel

cPanel is the #1 control panel worldwide, intuitive for the beginners and advanced enough for the most experienced users, it’s included free with all web hosting accounts. cPanel comes with all of our shared hosting packages, providing you maximum control of your website through your web browser. Take advantage of our cPanel's enhanced interface with additional tools that make it easier to manage your websites, domains, emails, files, and many more, all from one place.

Free CloudFlare CDN

CloudFlare is included in all ETNHost web hosting plans. It acts as a proxy between your visitors and ETNHost's servers, caching your site's content and filtering malicious traffic before it hits the server, improving your website’s overall performance, speed and security. If you are an existing ETNHost customer, you can easily activate CloudFlare from your cPanel free of charge. On top of that, we have designed an enhanced interface with additional premium tools that make it easier to manage your services.

Daily & Weekly Backups

We automatically create daily incremental backups of your entire web hosting account. To guarantee you peace of mind, the backups are located in a phisically different location and datacenter. Easily restore your complete data with the click of a mouse, or use our optional professional backup service to restore specific files and databases.

Easy to contact 24/7 Technical Support

All of our hosting plans are backed by our in-house technical support team, ready to not only solve technical issues, but to offer the guidance you need to succeed online. They’re here for you 24/7/365 via our HelpDesk to assist you with your hosting service, whenever you need it.

WordPress Optimized Servers

Deploy WordPress in just seconds with our 1-Click application installer or take advantage of our free professional WordPress transfer. Try our super fast and highly reliable environment and enjoy and excellent WordPress hosting experience. Our premium solutions and expertise guarantee a superior online venture!

Green web hosting

We recognise that in our day-to-day operations we impact on the environment. We are therefore committed to reducing this level of impact wherever possible embracing the principles of sustainable development and social progress and conduct business in a way that creates value for our clients, customers, communities and employees. As part of our commitment our servers operate in green data centers in CO2-neutral and climate-neutral basis conditions and use energy efficient solutions as well as free cooling technology.

Softaculous 300+ One-click app installs

Deploy the web’s most popular applications -like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Prestashop, ZenCart, and more in just seconds with our Softaculous application auto-installer. Softaculous also makes updating and maintaining open source applications a piece of cake.

Developer friendly plans

Interested in hosting your own webapps, or want a development environment where you can play around, install software, or even learn to code? You'll need a host that caters to you. We support the language you code in , with full support for PHP 5 to PHP 7, Apache, MySQL 5.6, Perl, Python, CGI, SSH, Laravel 5, HTML5 and JavaScript.

Shared plans with plenty of power

All of our shared plans include super premium goodies
Shared Hosting Features

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

We realize that the connecivity is a key component of our services. Because of that we operate in datacenters with Premium connectivity and state of the art netowrking that guarantees 99.99% uptime.

Multiple Server Locations

A datacenter closer to your visitors will result in better loading time of your website. We offer strategic server locations in various cities around the world faster loading time and maximum security (Europe-Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London; USA-Dallas).

State Of The Art Datacenters

Our servers are located in state of the art datacenters that offer Premium connectivity thanks to presence of 50+ carriers and leading Internet Exchanges. They operate in a highly energy efficient and climate-neutral environment.

Premium Network Connectivity

Our servers operate in carrier-neutral datacenters that offer full redundancy on all routers, and use multiple quality Tier1 transit providers, as well as private and public peering.

RAID 10 Enterprise Multicore Servers

We use only new generation super powerful multicore Intel servers with enterprise hardware and harddisks working in RAID 10 for best speed and availability.

Multiple PHP versions

Our customers can select which PHP version to use on per account basis so they have a maximum flexibility to run, deploy and develop their web applications. We support multiple PHP versions: PHP 5.2, PHP 5.3, PHP 5.4, PHP 5.5, PHP 5.6 and and PHP 7, PHP 7.1 on our servers.

Antivirus Protection

We have antivirus software with paid definitions installed on every server. Our clients have access to it via their control panel and therefore are able to scan their files and folders by themselves.

Antispam Protection

We have a powerful antispam protection on all of our servers on both client and server level. The majority of the spam is automatically detected and blocked on a server level and in addition to that our customers have the ability to manually setup spam protection and spam filters right in the control panel.


We have Firewall installed on every server that control the system on both network and application level and automatically detects and blocks such threats.

Apache Mod Security

Mod Security is a powerful web application firewall that can automatically detect and block a big number of various web attacks such as: SQL injections, XSS, CSRF, Malicious File Executions and many others. We have it installed on all servers and that significantly improves customers security.

CloudLinux Operating System

CloudLinux is a new generation operating system that provides complete isolation of the users accounts and their resources. In that way CloudLinux is able to provide extreme security, stability and speed for all customers hosted on our servers.


KernelCare is a software that automatically installs kernel upgrades and security patches without the need of reboot of the server. We have it installed on all servers and it is proven to be extremely effective for our customers by significantly increasing both the security and the incessancy of the service.

24/7 Automatic Server Monitoring

We have a 24/7 automatic system installed on all of our servers that can detect potential problems, attacks or threats before they actually happened. This allow us to react proactive in such situations and therefore fix the problems before they reach our customers.

Malware Detection

The Malware threats are very common these days and because of that we have installed an automatic malware detection software on all servers that successfully increases the security of the customers.

Apache, Nginx, Varnish Optimization

We have Nginx (on all servers) and Varnish (on some servers) installed in addition to Apache and that configuration allows our customers to experience more than 200% speed increase and therefore take significantly more load.


Mod_lsapi is an Apache module based on LiteSpeed. It significantly increases the PHP performance, decreases the CPU usage and offers low memory footprint coupled with great security and support for opcode caching. We can enable mod_lsapi on per customer basis for a maximum PHP performance.


OptimumCache is a highly innovative technology that ensures that if a duplicate of an already loaded file is requested, the file gets loaded from filesystem cache. By doing that, system bypasses disk IO, significantly improving the speed of reading that file, while lowering load on the hard disk. This in turn reduces memory usage, decreases the number of disk operations - all while improving significantly the websites response time.

eAccelerator, APC, Xcache, Zend Opcache

We support various opcache accelerators for PHP such as eAccelerator, APC, Xcache, Zend Opcache and others. The opcache accelerators cache the PHP scripts in their compiled state and save them in the memory instead of compiling them again every time they are requested. In that way the PHP applications become more than 10 times faster than usual.


Memcached is a distrubuted caching system that allows access and saving of information directly in the memory. Memcached allows our customers to take advantage of it and significantly improve the speed of their dynamic websites.

RAID 10 I/O Acceleration

The I/O operations are very important part of the available hosting resources. Our Servers are configured to work in RAID 10. This setup increases the speed of the I/O operations with 200%-400%.

Private SSL Certificates

Encrypt the connection between the web server, where your website is hosted and the browsers of your visitors to safeguard personal information, e-commerce transactions, sensitive data, and more.

SiteLock Website Security

True website security means protection from the inside out as well as the outside in. Keep your websites safe from hacker attacks and malware by detecting and fixing vulnerabilities and threats before they cause problems. SiteLock helps you protect more than just your website, it can protect your business.

Whois ID Protect

Prevent identity theft, spam and phishing attacks by masking the publicly available personal information associated with your domain name. We offer Whois Domain Privacy Protection to shield your domain provicy when registering a domain name with us.

SSH Access

We offer SSH access so our advanced customers can execute console commands required by their applications or specific needs. However, we provide SSH access only after a valid explanation by the customer and approval by our security team.

All the best apps. Just one click away.

Deploy the web’s most popular applications- like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Prestashop, ZenCart, and more in just seconds with our Softaculous application auto-installer.

WordPress Hosting

The web’s #1 CMS, available to install with just 1 click.

Joomla Hosting

More than 50 million downloads can’t be wrong!
Power your site with the beloved CMS.

Magento 2.0 Hosting

The world leader in open source eCommerce platforms.

OpenCart Hosting

Feature rich, easy to use, search engine friendly Open Source shopping cart solution.

Drupal 8 Hosting

Drupal 8 is the new standard for creating incredible digital experiences—from small businesses to global enterprises.

PrestaShop Hosting

The world's leading open-source e-commerce solution, trusted by more than 250,000 businesses.

Technical Specifications

  • IMAP, POP3, SMTP, Webmail
  • Web Statistics
  • Protected Directories
  • .htaccess Support
  • File Manager
  • Cron Jobs
  • Web File Editor
  • Error/Access Logs
  • Redirects
  • Custom Error Pages
  • IP Deny Manager
  • Mailing lists
  • Protected Directories
  • DNS Management
  • FTP Manager
  • Image Manipulation Tools
  • Latest Visitors
  • Leech Protection
  • Hotlink Protection
  • Mime Types

FAQs: Your questions, our answers to shared hosting:

What is ETNHost shared hosting and how does it work?
Shared hosting is a web hosting service where the available resources and space of one physical server are shared among multiple users. Despite that, on the shared hosting platform each customer has their own limit on particular services in terms of disk space, monthly traffic, email accounts, FTP accounts, databases etc. All of our shared hosting plans come with free cPanel, the #1 control panel for managing your account. If you're just getting started online, this is the most economical way of hosting a website – perfectly suited for blogs, e-commerce stores, and small business websites.
Can I host multiple domain names on my hosting account?
All of our shared hosting plans allow you to host multiple websites. You can also use these plans to set up various names (aliases) for your site and direct visitors to specific pages. With the ETNHost cPanel, you can also change the primary domain of your account, remove domains or manage their DNS zone.
How long does it take to set up a new account with you?
99% of all new accounts are activated within 10-15 minutes. Once your account is set up a welcoming email from our Team will be sent to you containing the log in information for your account, cPanel, and FTP host name. You can begin working on your new website immediately.
If I already have a website, can I move it over to your servers?
Moving your website to ETNHost is a straightforward process. If you have access to your existing website files, you can easily upload them through your cPanel or via an FTP client. We will be happy to assist you with the transfer of your content to our servers, if your account is compatible with ETNHost’s services and meets our transfer requirements. We would need to review your request to determine your account’s compatibility. This depends on many factors such as consistency and structure of your hosting account, resource usage and limits, type of control panel, etc. We cannot guarantee that the migration will be possible, but will try our best to make it happen.
Can multiple domain names point to the same account?
Yes, ETNHost’s customers are welcome to order additional domain names for their existing web hosting accounts. ETNHost may handle the registration or transfer of the domain name(s) on your behalf.
Will I be able to send and receive emails through my hosting account?
Yes! You will be able to both send and receive e-mail through our servers. In technical terms, we provide POP3, IMAP and SMTP capabilities.