How long does it take to transfer a domain name to another registrar?

The minimum time needed for a successful domain name transfer is no less than 5 business days and during this time the nameservers cannot be modified. However, it is hard to estimate the exact time needed for the process, since there are too many factors involved such as:

  • approval of the owner
  • approval of the registrar
  • if the EPP code was wrong

and so on.

When the domain name transfer is completed, an e-mail will be sent to the owner, providing the necessary information. 

It is NOT required to transfer your domain's registration to the ETNHost. You may host any domain with us by simply contacting your current registrar and pointing the nameservers to us. 


  • This article does not cover a domain push, which can happen within a couple of hours if the domain name is transferred from one account to another account at the same Registrar. 
  • We strongly recommend pointing the name servers to us before initiating a domain transfer.
  • Pointing the nameservers to our servers only will NOT automatically transfer the domain's registration.

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