How to create an FTP account in cPanel

An FTP account is automatically created when you sign up for your hosting account, as well as when you create a subdomain or an addon domain. 

There is an option to create new FTP accounts in your cPanel manually to give other people access to certain directories.

To create a new account:

  • Log into your cPanel
  • On the Files section select FTP accounts

FTP Accounts Location

  • You will then see the page where you can configure the already existing accounts and create new ones. 
  • In the Login field type the username for the new account. Have in mind that the full FTP username will look like that – username@yourdomain.tld
  • To enter a Password you can either create one on your own, or use the password generator to make it strong enough
  • In the Directory field you should select which folder you wish to connect the new account to. The account will be limited only to the information within this directory, so if you want to give permission to all your files, just select the Home directory of type “/” 
  • You can also Set quota for the account. This means that you are able to define the bandwidth the account can use or you can have it unlimited. Just mark one option. 

Create FTP Account

  • Select “Create Account” and you should see it below FTP Accounts on the same page.

You're done! You can now add, manage and delete all of your FTP accounts!



As long as your ETNHost's hosting package allows, you can have unlimited FTP accounts for a cPanel account so that file management is more easily managed.

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