How to transfer my domain name away from Yola to ETNHost?

Here at ETNHost, we recommend that you keep your domain name where you host your website. It is easier to manage, fewer passwords to worry about, better security, and last but not least this way you get a piece of mind. You will receive regular notifications from us, via e-mail, reminding you when the renewal date for your domain name is due, so you will not miss to renew it and risk your website becoming inaccessible.


Once the domain name is transferred to us, you will get one year of a free domain name renewal as a bonus.

Transfer of domain names may take anywhere between 3 and 10 days until completion. Before initiating a domain name transfer of a domain name registered with Yola, you will need to make sure that the following conditions apply:

  • The domain must be more than 60 days old. This is not an ETNHost, nor Yola, specific rule, but rather a rule implemented by ICANN, the organization that governs domain registrations. 
  • The domain has been unlocked for transfer from Yola
  • The domain is showing your current e-mail for the admin contact in the Whois database as that is where the authorization email will be sent. You can find the valid administrative e-mail for your domain name by using the WHOIS lookup tool available at:
  • The domain must not be too close to its expiration date, as Yola will normally auto renew domains 15 days prior to expiration


The 60-day holding period only applies to domain transfers between registrar providers when a domain is either newly registered or recently transferred. If you just ended site services with another provider (without transferring the domain to another registrar), then the 60-day hold shouldn't apply at all. If the hold did apply, it still shouldn't prevent you from pointing it to another host service to start up a new site.

To prepare your domain name to be transferred away from Yola you must engage in the following steps:

  1. Log into your Yola account.
  2. Unlock your domain and obtain EPP/Authorization code

Transfer your domain to a new domain registrar away from Yola

  • To unlock your domain for transfer click Domains which can be found on the top toolbar.
  • Find the domain which you would like to transfer and click on Advanced Settings which is located next to it.
  • Find where it says Transfer your domain away from Yola and click on it. Here you’d have to uncheck the box where it says Lock this domain after which click the Apply changes button.
  • The domain will become unlocked and an email will be sent to your administrative contact email address containing the EPP/Authorization code for your domain name. 
  1. Disable Whois Private Registration

The easiest way for you to do that is to contact Yola’s support team and request for the Whois Private Registration feature for the domain which you are trying to transfer to be deactivated.

  1. Update your contact information if needed
  • To update your contact information click on Domains which can be found on the top toolbar.
  • Find the domain which you would like to transfer and click on Advanced Settings which is located next to it. Find where it says Edit your domain registration info and click on it. Enter the right contact information in the correct fields.
  • Once you are done click on Update details

After completing the preparation, let some time pass (a day or so) before you initiate the transfer. You can also check the Whois info for your domain. You can do this at or or similar sites, to make sure everything shows up and is correct.

Once ready, you can now submit a transfer request for the domain:

  • Start within your ETNHost account .
  • Proceed with posting an order for the domain name transfer by clicking on the Domains tab.
  • Upon the request of the domain name transfer, you will need to enter the Authorization/EPP code. Once the code is entered then the process will begin.

Note that you will also receive a transfer approval email to the listed administrative contact for the domain. After the transfer is confirmed the losing registrar (Yola) has 7 days to release the domain. If everything is OK, the domain will be released and added to the Domains Section in your ETNHost account.



Once you start a domain name transfer you must remember that you can't change your DNS, Whois info, contact info and so on.

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