What are the types of SSL Certificates?

Over the years, the use of SSL certificates has increased dramatically. Depending on the business type and its requirements, there are several types of SSL certificates, which you can also find among our products:

  • Domain validation Certificate  - secures single domain, without any company validation required. Has 128 or 256 bit encryption key levels and is compatible with 99% of the browsers.
  • Business validation Certificate – secures single domain by validating the company information. After providing the required additional data, the vetted information is displayed to customers, building trust and visibility. Issues in several days, this certificate also has the compatibility and security level needed.
  • Extended validation certificate (EV) – That type of SSL has the highest level of security. The verification process includes verifying the legal and operational existence of the company, verifying if the provided information matches the official records, verifying if the company has the exclusive rights to use the domain name. The certificate is issued in several days, depending on the company's cooperating and after that a green bar is displayed in the browser to represent the high encryption level the particular domain has. 
  • Wildcard certificate – similar to the simple domain SSL with the difference that wildcard validates not only the single domain, but all its subdomains as well. A great deal for your expanding business and for your marketing strategy. Requires no data validation.
  • Multidomain certificate (SAN) – This certificate gives you the great opportunity to secure multiple domains with only one SSL. 

No matter of the SSL you wish to use, ETNHost is responsible for the free installation and 24/7 support. All certificates come with a free security logo (security seal) to ensure all your customers they are entering a safe and reliable zone.

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