How to Transfer Your Hosting Account to a New Hosting Provider?

Moving your existing hosting account to a new hosting provider is something like moving to another house – you need change, you need something more, you need an extra option and there are few steps you should follow to make the transfer easy and smooth.

  1. Back up all your files, including HTML and graphic files. Keep the structure of your directories.
  2. Choose your new hosting provider. It’s not that difficult to do that when you know what is important to you – speed, security, uptime, positive customer reviews, 24/7 Technical support, etc. Do your homework and research well. Do not cancel your hosting account until you set the new one.
  3. Upload your files to their new home – this task can be easily done via FTP (the same way you downloaded them). The important part is to check the permissions set in your original account and keep them the same way when making the new one.
  4. Create your e-mail accounts, although they still won’t work (mind all the e-mail aliases and forwarders, if you have created any).
  5. Change your NS (name servers) – Now that you have transferred all your information to the new account, it’s time to point your domain name to the server you will be using from now on. This is made by changing your name servers – replacing the old ones with the new ones, something usually done by your registrar. All the DNS records (A-name, C-name, MX record) are set as your hosting account is created, so if you need to make any changes, be careful – you website won’t work properly if the DNS zone is not accurately set.
  6. You need to receive an e-mail confirming that the DNS records have propagated and your domain is now related to the new servers.
  7. Cancel your old account, you don’t need it anymore.


ETNHost will take care of that whole process for you, so that you can rest assure everything will be set on time and work properly.

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