What is VPS hosting

VPS is the abbreviation for Virtual Private Server and it is exactly that – a virtual server located on a physical machine. It has the metrics of a dedicated server and the environment of the shared. VPS is flexible, scalable and affordable hosting solution that can satisfy the needs of almost any website. This will be the right choice for those who have outgrown their shared hosting plan, but do not want or cannot afford a dedicated server. Setting up a whole server can be difficult for the average customer, being software-defined, VPS-es are much more easy to create and handle. The technology behind VPS, supported by ETNHost is KVM virtualization -  it helps running several virtualized operating systems on one machine (on the actual physical server).

The advantage of VPS is that no matter the “shared” environment it has, you still get your own dedicated RAM, CPU and IP address, along with unlimited hosted websites, addons, databases at an affordable price. 

ETNHost gives you the opportunity to choose between our self-managed Virtual Private Server hosting plans and fully-managed VPS solutions, depending on your needs to assure you will remain in your comfort zone and benefit from all the features VPS hosting offers.

Our self-managed VPS comes with full root access, completely ready for use with 1 free IP address and pre-installed operating system of your choice with the option for WHM/cPanel to be added during the ordering process.

If you prefer a managed VPS we will provide you with full support and server set-ups by our team of experts- cPanel installation, configuration and migration, software installation and configuration, back-up configuration, system updates, antispam and antivirus protection, free trusted SSL certificate. 

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