What is a Web Hosting? Types of Web Hosting Services.

Web hosting is a service that serves your website to anyone that visits it and is provided by a web hosting provider such as ETNHost. This service allows people to have access to a certain amount of the resources of a server (sometimes even the entire server), connected to the world wide web and thus being able to have their page/ website available to the public 24/7.  

Types of Web Hosting :

1) Shared Web Hosting Service

Summarized Characteristics:

  • the most common type of web hosting service
  • resources shared with other clients
  • managed by the provider (technical support; security and software updates)
2) Reseller Web Hosting Service

Summarized Characteristics:

  • the client becomes a web hosting provider 
  • the reseller sets the prices and the plans for their clients, within the resources provided by the initial web hosting company
  • the clients of the reseller are only clients to them and not to the wholesaler company
3) Virtual Private Server

Summarized Characteristics:

Virtual machines that are equivalent to a dedicated physical server

  • managed service- the service provider manages the server in terms of system administration.
  • unmanaged – the client is in charge of the server's system administration, technical support and so on.

4) Dedicated Server

Summarized Characteristics:

  • the client has access to an entire server and its full resources.
  • offers a larger scale of control, security, and higher performance.
5) Cloud Hosting

Summarized Characteristics:

  • it's more of a service, rather than a physical product, where the websites are placed on a virtual server, that shares resources with other virtual servers.
  • the client can pay to receive a certain amount of resources, but can have access to more, if the website demands it at a certain time.

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