What is a Domain Name?

A domain is the human-readable address of the website. Computers communicate via numbers called IP addresses. Domain names mask those numbers/ IP addresses into something that people will easily remember and understand.
Each domain name is unique and consists of a top level and second level domain. The top-level part is located right after the dot. The most popular top-level domains are .com; .net; .org; .biz. A person can chose which top-level domain to register according to the type of website they are planning to build, or already has. 

  • .com – used primarily for commercial uses, it is, however, unrestricted and can be registered by anybody
  • .org – also unrestricted, but originally intended for non-profit organizations
  • .net – another unrestricted TLD, originally designed with the purpose to serve network-related and oriented websites

The second level domain is the part of the domain that is before the dot. 


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