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What is a Domain Name EPP code?
Extensible Provisioning Protocol or an EPP code is an authorization code assigned to a domain name. This code is unique and it is used for authentication during a domain name transfer, renewal, and registration. Its purpose is to provide a directive between the registry and the registrar.  This code provides security against unauthorized domain name transfers and it's obtained either dir... read more
What is Addon Domain?
An Addon Domain or an Added Domain is an option that allows you within the margins of a single web hosting account to create more than one website. This way, if you want to have more websites, you can place them all under your current web hosting account. These websites will share the parameters and resources of the said account, but will not share their contents.  The website will be p... read more
What is Parked Domain?
A parked domain is an added domain name (also called alias) to your current website. It is a common practice for various businesses to have multiple domain names parked to their primary one, thus open the very same website. It generates more traffic and it is often considered to be a helpful precaution against cybersquatters.  In other words, having parked domains is having multiple dom... read more
What is DNS?
DNS stands for Domain Name System, and throughout this global system the domain names translate into IP addresses. The system exists to make it easier for the online users to find the website/ page they are looking for. For example instead of typing the numbers of the IP address in order for you to find a certain website, thanks to the domain name system you are able to type in human-readable text... read more
What is SLD?
SLD stands for Second Level Domain, which is a lower level domain in the Domain Name System hierarchy below the TLD. In “.com” is the Top Level Domain and “example” is the Second Level Domain. SLDs refer to the organization or the individual that registered the domain name. Some registrars have introduced a second level hierarchy to the top-level domain, so that... read more
What is TLD (Top Level Domain) ?
TLD stands for Top Level Domain and it is the last part of the domain name. In other words, it is the part of the domain name located to the right of the dot (" . "). It identifies some additional information associated with the website such as location (.de; .fr; .uk); industry (.auto; .physio; .florist) or its purpose (.com; .org; .info). The ones that identify a country are ... read more
What is a Domain Name?
A domain is the human-readable address of the website. Computers communicate via numbers called IP addresses. Domain names mask those numbers/ IP addresses into something that people will easily remember and understand. Each domain name is unique and consists of a top level and second level domain. The top-level part is located right after the dot. The most popular top-level domains are .com; .net... read more