What is ETNHost Reseller hosting and how does it work?

Reseller hosting is a form of a web hosting service which allows a person to purchase web hosting services from a provider and then to resell it to their own customers for profit. The reseller is the one who sets the prices, the plans and the allowed resource usage for these plans but keep in mind that those plans must conform with the resources provided by the wholesale company’s reseller plan. 

The reseller hosting service, which ETNHost provides, allows our reseller customers to have customers of their own. You’ll be able to resell the resources we provide to you at your own prices, under your own brand name. 

Generally, when a customer purchases a reseller hosting solution, the account comes with a control panel through which they can fully manage their own hosting account as well as create new hosting accounts within their own, for their clients. All of the reseller plans which ETNHost offers come with the number 1 most used control panel – WHM/cPanel (WHM helps you manage your customers’ accounts; cPanel is a control panel which controls a single account). With it, you can fully manage your own hosting account, and thanks to the WHM control panel you will be able to create multiple cPanel accounts, set permissions, and so on. 

The cPanel control panel comes with various useful features such as File Manager, Email Accounts, Autoresponders, Email Filters, FTP Manager, Site Publisher, Addon Domains, Subdomains, Aliases, phpMyAdmin, MySQL Databases, SSH Access, Hotlink Protection, Cron Jobs, MIME Types, Softaculous and many, many more.

We will also handle the system administration. What this means is that we will be responsible for the configuration and maintenance of the server and you wouldn’t have to worry about things such as server hardware and software updates, load balancing and so on, so you could focus completely on developing your business. 

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