27 Jan 2016



Keep Calm And Register Your “.uk” Domain With Us

We all know that terrible feeling- it was beginning to seem like all the best web addresses had been taken and becoming more difficult to find that perfect domain for your business. And then the Internet just got even bigger. The new gTLDs came out.

The last couple of years marked the rapid introduction of new and unconventional domain name extensions such as .club, .me, .bid, .London, .trade and .webcam ,providing you so many new options to choose from. What is more, they enable you to easily find a domain that suits your business perfectly while describing exactly what it is you do. By registering addresses with suffixes such as .radio, .blog and .hotel, for example, companies will not only make their websites more memorable but will also be immediately identifiable to both customers and competitors.

The introduction of the .uk extension in 2014, somehow came naturally as a new arrival to the royal domain name family, marking another milestone shake-up for the Internet by representing yet another new opportunity online.

The launch of more and more location-based domains also allows organizations in those regions to establish a deep sense of local identity. According to a research conducted by Nominet (the official registry for .UK domain names), three-quarters of consumers believe that .uk is the most appropriate domain ending for a British business, signalling 'Britishness' with a website that is in English and with prices in pounds, compared to the formerly introduced .uk extensions.

Of course, there are criteria you need to fit in order for you to register a .uk domain. One of them is that if someone has a registered .co.uk; .org.uk or a .me.uk before 10.06.2014, in the next 5 years, only that person will be able to register a corresponding .uk domain. For example: if you have a registered domain example.co.uk, then only you would be able to register the domain example.uk, as this rule applies until 2019. The idea behind the rule is to protect the owners of .co.uk; .org.uk and .me.uk domains.

  • But do not think you could fool the system. In the process of registration of a .uk domain, an automatic check is made to see if there is really a .co.uk; .org.uk and .me.uk domain registered to your name.
  • If one is found, you would have to provide the personal information needed and authenticate the registration through it
  • In order for you to register a .uk domain, it is an absolute must for you to have a valid address in the United Kingdom.
  • The top level registrar, that is in charge of the .uk domains is Nominet, with the minimal registration period of a .uk domain being 1 year and the maximum being 10.
  • The domain name can't be longer than 63 symbols and can consist of letters, numbers and dashes, but can't consist special symbols such as $, #, ^, &, * and so on.

Want to dive a little deeper into the world of the UK’s internet? Check some useful statistics in the following infographic – find out how a .uk can help position you online.

And remember, when considering whether the .uk domain name is right for you, you should also think about the possible consequences of not protecting your brand from third parties particularly cyber-squatters who thrive in these circumstances. For brand owners, there is no doubt that every step should be taken to protect your brand in light of .uk’s introduction.

So if you feel like you want to start the year fresh with something new, if you want to feel improved or simply need to protect your brand's identity and if you qualify for a .uk domain, then hurry and register one with us. 

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