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12 Dec 2016



Let’s All Welcome WordPress 4.7 – "Vaughan"
The holidays are almost upon us and we all know what that means – presents, joyous people everywhere, holiday lights, and the customary release of the new version of WordPress. That’s right, it is high time we welcomed WordPress 4.7 – Vaughan.   The tradition of naming the new versions after famous jazz performers continues. This time the WordPress team have decided to ded...
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17 Aug 2016



Let’s All Welcome WordPress 4.6 - Pepper
Hurray, hurray! The long wait for the new release of WordPress 4.6 is finally over. We have seen all the betas, we’ve endured both the RC1 and the RC2 but today all of us (WordPress buffs) celebrate the brand new version of WordPress playfully dubbed Pepper, named after the famous jazz baritone saxophonist and composer Park Frederick “Pepper” Adams III. The new version comes with...
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10 May 2016



The Eight Wonders of Drupal 8
Want to be a part of the exciting world of Drupal? Well, there is no time like the present, because this Content Management System is out with yet another amazing release. It has been out for a while now, but we wanted to take our sweet time and test it out first. So now we would like to dedicate this blog post to the wonders of Drupal 8. Wonder Number One – Richer Core Until now the codeb...
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14 Apr 2016



Say ''Hello“ to WordPress 4.5, ''Coleman“
After months of anticipation, we can finally welcome the new version 4.5 released by, playfully dubbed “Coleman”, named after the American jazz tenor saxophonist Coleman Hawkins. WordPress 4.5 features formatting shortcuts, inline linking, better-embedded templates and many more editing and customization improvements. As always the team of WordPress stays true to their t...
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25 Mar 2016



Welcome, Welcome Joomla 3.5!
Hurray, hurray! It is here! What do you mean what is here? The wait for the new version of Joomla is over. The Joomla Project and Production Leadership Team announced its release and introduced the large audience with all its improvements. The 3.5 version includes 34 new features, each one are better than the previous one. The biggest emphasis, however, falls on the support of the recently releas...
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