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23 Dec 2016



Be #Selfieless This Festive Season With ETNHost!
The time to show some respect for the others around us has come. After the idea was widely (wildly) spread in Europe, now its Bulgaria’s turn to point the camera lights in the right direction – towards the actions. Cannon and The Red Cross remind us that since we can take about 93 millions of selfies per a single day, we have the power to do something bigger than us. The social initiat...
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19 Aug 2016



We're helping to fill the gaps together
“Help fill in the gaps !” That is what the missing O-s, A-s and B-s are appealing to you, to us!  This week you should listen carefully and trust the signs – Missing type campaign is running and your blood is wanted.  It is a public awareness campaign initiated by the National Health Service in the UK but spread worldwide. Creative Advertising graduates Jo Griffin and...
Categories: Company Culture
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20 Apr 2016



Volunteering is a work of heart!
Many people get chills when they hear the word “volunteer” because in their head this is a pointless waste of time, for which they will never get a thing in return. Those people couldn't be more wrong!  Volunteering is not some group activity that leads to massive waste of time. The truth is that by doing volunteer work you gain much, much more than you could possibly receive...
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04 Apr 2016



Cat Lovers meet the Host Busters
For the team of ETNHost, this Sunday morning was filled with excitement, cheer, and kitten ears. Our team of Host Busters faced their greatest challenge yet – to get up early on a Sunday to participate in a race. But not just any kind of a race, but one with a cause – to raise money for stray cats of Plovdiv.  And let me ask you, what is cuter than furry cat ears and pointy cat wh...
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09 Feb 2016



Safer Internet Day 2016: Play your part for a better Internet!
Safer Internet Day or SID is a global day dedicated to the celebration of Internet Safety. The operation is organized by Insafe, which is a European network of awareness centers, which are located all over the world and are promoting the safe and responsible use of the Internet. Safer Internet Day is celebrated all over the world, with more than 100 countries taking part in the event. 2016 marks ...
Categories: Company Culture , Tech Talks
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