26 Jul 2016



Job Interview – The Mission Is Possible

Applying for a job can be quite stressful and there are lots of steps before landing a position at a firm. There are many factors, but the most important ones, besides your skills, are the way you present yourself both in your CV and at the interview. And both of those things are quite connected to each other. So ETNHost gives you some helpful tips on the matter.

We all know how frustrating it can get when yo have applied for a job and nobody calls for a meeting. One immediately starts to doubt their self, because even if they don't call it is still a rejection. And we start asking ourselves, where does the problem lie. Usually, the main problem is the way the CV was presented.

So here are some Do's and Don'ts on how you should write your CV:

  1. Do not write information that is useless, just to give them something to read. What do we mean by that? Well let's say you are applying for a job in the IT sector, but for some reason, you decide to list under work experience your brief supermarket background. If it's not related to the position you are applying for, so why put it your CV?
  2. Do not lie about previous positions in other firms, just so it looks like you have some related experience. Let's say again that you are applying for a job in the IT sector, and under work experience, you have listed that you have worked in another IT firm on a similar position for 3 years. What you don't realize is that the people you are lying to can easily call and check, if in fact you have worked there and for how long.
  3. When applying for several places at ones, do not forget to change the name of the position you are applying for. It is absolutely normal to use the same application documents, but you should never forget to check and change the name of the position when applying because no one will call you for a meeting if they see another's firm position listed on your CV.
  4. Try to keep it short,  your CV shouldn't be more than 1 or 2 pages. Don't forget that it's a resume, not a novel.
  5. And don't forget that your CV is your best marketing tool, so don't be afraid to put in there all of your skills (organizational, managerial and so on…)

Now let's talk about Do's and Don't-s when you have an arranged interview:

  1. Being late is always frowned upon, so try your best to be there at least 5 minutes early. And if by any chance you see that you are running late, you should call and warn them that you are, and how long would it be before you get there. Remember, you don't know what the interviewer's schedule is, so you should always keep them in the loop.
  2. Once you arrive at the interview, smile and be positive. A negative attitude will get you nowhere.
  3. Don't be too confident, show your motivation to learn new things and to develop yourself as a person.
  4. Research information about the firm before the interview itself. It is always good to show them that you know something about the firm and that you have heard of them before.
  5. Don't be afraid to ask questions. If something is unclear to you, you should ask so, later on, you could make an informed decision because you are not the only one who is trying to make a good first impression.

We should also probably mention that it is important for you to compose yourself in the interview. One should never be overly-excited or too nervous. You should always try to be calm, and remember that there is a person standing in front of you and it is nothing to be nervous about.

And one more thing: dress appropriately! It is OK to be a little overdressed, but never to be under-dressed. It is a job interview, not a pool party.

So in conclusion, be calm, be positive and be yourself! ETNHost wishes you luck and happy job hunting!