19 Aug 2016



We're helping to fill the gaps together

“Help fill in the gaps !” That is what the missing O-s, A-s and B-s are appealing to you, to us! 

This week you should listen carefully and trust the signs – Missing type campaign is running and your blood is wanted. 

It is a public awareness campaign initiated by the National Health Service in the UK but spread worldwide. Creative Advertising graduates Jo Griffin and Tom Dixon have hit the headlines with their inspiring National Blood Week campaign. Jo and Tom, who graduated in 2014, and both work at advertising agency WCRS in London, were asked to come up with a creative idea for National Blood Week because stocks of blood types A, and O are running dangerously low. Their idea was to imagine the world where those letters suddenly went missing so they asked famous brands to remove them from their names for a week. Big companies, small companies, whole countries, and cities have already shown their support and removed A, B and O (the letters that identify the main blood types) from their logos. ETNH_st also empathizes with the cause and … well.. gave away an O , in fact, an A as well :) 

ETNHost supporting Missing Type Blood Donation Campaign

It is a serious problem today that the number of first-time blood donors  plummets and leaves a lot of empty space (to be precise 120 000 empty spaces) which is our responsibility to fill in. Exactly that’s why the message to be heard is “ You won’t miss it when you give it; but patients could miss it if you don’t” - be brave, be supportive and eat the  chocolate you deserve, it won’t hurt, we promise! There are a lot of people struggling with various crucial conditions and really need you to go and donate that precious liquid of yours and save a life. Plus it’s good for your own body to produce new fresh blood from time to time and hens you stay younger. No joke, the world urges you to get involved. Humanity feels great, be of use! Donate- it's a bloody good job!

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