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09 Dec 2015



Say “Hello” to WordPress 4.4, ‘Clifford’!
After months of development, today launched version 4.4, dubbed “Clifford”, named after the famous jazz trumpeter Clifford Brown. This release features responsive images, WordPress embeds, the new Twenty Sixteen default theme, the first half of the REST API, and a host of small improvements.  Introducing Twenty Sixteen As with most WordPress releases, WordPress 4...
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04 Sep 2014



Let's Say "Hello" to WordPress 4.0 "Benny"
Today, the new WordPress version 4.0, dubbed “Benny”, named after the famous jazz and swing clarinetist Benjamin David "Benny" Goodman a.k.a The King Of Swing was released. In this new version, 275 people have taken part in the development, which by itself is a new record when it comes to people involved in the development of a new version of a popular platform. The biggest c...
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