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12 Feb 2016



5 Tips to a Successful Valentine's day Sale
Whoever said love is free, lied to you. Try showing up on the doorstep of your girlfriend on Valentine's day empty-handed, with nothing but love in your heart, you will see all Hell breaking loose. With every February, love being on steroids, money are being spent with the speed of light. Dinners, gifts, romantic getaways and such, for this year people are expected to spend over 18 billion dol...
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08 Feb 2016



Drive Yourself Into the Month of Love With the New .cars Top Level Domain
Beep beep! Watch out! It is here… The thing that will make your automobile-oriented website even more memorable. The new top-level-domain .cars is here to drive you, not crazy, but into the future of car-based websites. For some, the month of February is dedicated to writing poems, buying big plush bears that say “I wuv you beary much”, whispering sweet nothings into the ears o...
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07 Dec 2015



Holiday Tips for Your Online Shop
Do you hear the Santa's sleigh bells sound? The holiday season is fast approaching and there are exactly 25 days till Christmas. It is high about time to prepare for the upcoming holiday shopping. And if happen to be in the retail industry, then it is for sure that you know the importance of this time of the year. For online merchants, the Christmas shopping season usually brings in...
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