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04 Apr 2016



Cat Lovers meet the Host Busters
For the team of ETNHost, this Sunday morning was filled with excitement, cheer, and kitten ears. Our team of Host Busters faced their greatest challenge yet – to get up early on a Sunday to participate in a race. But not just any kind of a race, but one with a cause – to raise money for stray cats of Plovdiv.  And let me ask you, what is cuter than furry cat ears and pointy cat wh...
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26 Mar 2016



5 years of ETNHost
Hello, everybody! My name is Elena and I am part of the amazing ETNHost team. I've only been with the company for 4 months though I have behind my back more than 8 years of working experience in the web hosting business. I have started off as a level 1 Customer support representative with no idea what were web hosting, domain names, DNS zones, FTP, HTML or all the other terms which comprised ...
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25 Mar 2016



Welcome, Welcome Joomla 3.5!
Hurray, hurray! It is here! What do you mean what is here? The wait for the new version of Joomla is over. The Joomla Project and Production Leadership Team announced its release and introduced the large audience with all its improvements. The 3.5 version includes 34 new features, each one are better than the previous one. The biggest emphasis, however, falls on the support of the recently releas...
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14 Mar 2016



5 Tips For A Successful Easter Sale
With Christmas long gone and Valentine's Day blissfully behind us, it is time for another holiday to flood us with merchandise and discount sales. And as each and every holiday before that, we know that women will rule all of the shopping sites, leaving behind a trail of receipts. Let's be honest, women are the best target group when it comes to holiday shopping. However, Easter's shop...
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09 Mar 2016



.London Bridge is Falling Down… My Fair Lady
Hello, there old chap! Haven't you heard the good news? You haven't? Well then, I am going to tell you, and I'll start from the beginning. In June 2013, ICANN approved the release of the top-level domain .London. The domain is city-specific and was released for sale in 2014. Now that I have given you a bit of a background, let me tell you why .London is the perfect domain name for &qu...
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