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29 Feb 2016



Leo for the Win!
Well, It finally happened! The thing that we all have been waiting for for who knows how long. And before you get really excited, let me just say that I am not talking about web hosting, or even something remotely related. It's something that happens ones in a lifetime. A joyous occasion, that brings tears to the eyes of all of us. We, at ETNHost are extremely excited for what has ha...
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29 Feb 2016



Game of Hosts - A Song of IT Specialists in Shorts
Much like in Game of Thrones, the web hosting world is violent, and every hosting company yearn to sit on the Iron Throne, which in our case is the top search result in Google when typing “web hosting services” keyword. And if in Game of Thrones we have the houses of the Seven Kingdoms fighting over the leadership, sending their best warriors into battle, to defend the honor of the hou...
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22 Feb 2016



How to Speed up your WordPress Website in 10 Steps
When it comes to personal website development, WordPress is one of the most desired and commonly used platforms among the on-line users. But like everything else it has weaknesses, and one of its most encountered ones is the possibility of the website becoming too slow.  And without taking the precautions needed, there is a huge possibility of us winding up with a lagging website. A...
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19 Feb 2016



Need .Space?
In the beginning there was nothing, and then this little singularity gave birth to it all. And then came space, ever expanding, restless, endless…Sadly we were not present the first time space was created, but we are here now and much like the last time our .space presents us with unparalleled opportunities. It's a fact... we all need .space, some of us don't have .space, some ...
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12 Feb 2016



5 Tips to a Successful Valentine's day Sale
Whoever said love is free, lied to you. Try showing up on the doorstep of your girlfriend on Valentine's day empty-handed, with nothing but love in your heart, you will see all Hell breaking loose. With every February, love being on steroids, money are being spent with the speed of light. Dinners, gifts, romantic getaways and such, for this year people are expected to spend over 18 billion dol...
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