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18 Aug 2016



The “G” Files – Penguin
A year had passed after the groundbreaking changes that the Panda algorithm had to offer, and the SEO world was rocked once again. By the end of April 2012, many webmasters noticed devastating shifts in the search results and in their websites. This had nothing to do with their content, or any other factors that they were previously considering. It was later that same day (24.04.2012) when some pe...
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17 Aug 2016



Let’s All Welcome WordPress 4.6 - Pepper
Hurray, hurray! The long wait for the new release of WordPress 4.6 is finally over. We have seen all the betas, we’ve endured both the RC1 and the RC2 but today all of us (WordPress buffs) celebrate the brand new version of WordPress playfully dubbed Pepper, named after the famous jazz baritone saxophonist and composer Park Frederick “Pepper” Adams III. The new version comes with...
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12 Aug 2016



Chapter 3: How To Build a Florist Website using WordPress?
ETNHost is proud to present the third chapter of our new “How To?” series, which is centered on the florist industry. Here we will give you some tips and tricks on how to build your florist website, what elements you should include and the names of some WordPress themes to serve you as a starting point. The purpose of our series is to make it easier for business owners to construct the...
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11 Aug 2016



Goodbye to X3, Salute Paper Lantern
The wind of change has blown away X3 and now that cPanel and WHM consider Paper Lantern to be the default theme, it`s time to turn the page and enjoy the contemporary design and new functionalities brought to us to light up our workdays! In fact, Paper Lantern is alive and available since the release of 11.42 back in March 2014, but just recently has gain popularity and became strong enough to cla...
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26 Jul 2016



Job Interview – The Mission Is Possible
Applying for a job can be quite stressful and there are lots of steps before landing a position at a firm. There are many factors, but the most important ones, besides your skills, are the way you present yourself both in your CV and at the interview. And both of those things are quite connected to each other. So ETNHost gives you some helpful tips on the matter. We all know how frustrating it ca...
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