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21 Jul 2016



Pokémon Go took over ETNHost
With the release of Pokémon Go the world became obsessed with hunting and catching the little virtual creatures. All of this seemed like a good way for the kids to go out and explore the world beyond the computer screen. To get a little more acquainted with the real world surroundings. Yeah, it all seemed all fun and games until THEY took a hold of US. Let me tell you the story of our good...
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15 Jul 2016



The “G” Files – Panda
Ah, 1998! The year when France won the World Cup, Clinton was amusing the people with his cheeky affairs and a small garage in California witnessed the birth of the multi-billion dollar corporation that is Google. In the next few weeks, we will take you on a historic search for knowledge and a better understanding of what lies "under the hood" of the top search engine in the world. In a ...
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28 Jun 2016



The ABCs of A/B Testing: Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your A/B Testing
You have some difficult decisions to make? You don't know what is the way to ask people for help? What you actually need is a successful strategy but you don't have the enormous budget you think you need? A/B testing is the example of a smart, cheap and effective path to your dreamed results. WHAT IS A/B TESTING   A/B testing (or split testing) is a method of comparing two versions ...
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22 Jun 2016



Chapter 2: How To Build a Restaurant Website using WordPress?
If you are a restaurant owner, then you know that in this day and age is simply unthinkable to have a restaurant and not have a website. People are so used to checking everything on the Internet, that you not having a website may as well mean that you don't exist. This is why we should start at the beginning. 1. Web Hosting and Domain There are 2 things that you should do before you start yo...
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16 May 2016



5 Reasons on Why You Should Have a Personal Website
In this day and age, we live in, people want to express themselves, and this is in some parts why social media came to rule the Internet and our lives. We experience the need to share our, thoughts, dreams and desires with the world. We want to introduce ourselves and leave an impression. And the best part is that we have the opportunity to do so. Not only by having a profile on Facebook, or shari...
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